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White Paper: Team-Based Learning: A Strategy for Transforming Teaching and Learning in PA Education

by Christine Bruce, DMSc, MHSA, PA-C, Program Director, Penn State College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program & Associate Professor of Medicine | September 16, 2020
Kaplan Medical White Paper

Physician Assistant Programs throughout the country are faced with the challenge of educating our students in two very different learning dimensions: students need to know certain facts about disease entities but they also need to learn how to apply this knowledge into real-life clinical situations.

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Promoting Connection in a Time of Chaos

by Stephanie Neary, MPA, MMS, PA-C & Mary Ruggeri, MEd, MMSc, PA-C | August 25, 2020

As faculty, we hope we can embrace changes as an opportunity to shift the culture of learning towards one that leverages technology to benefit the learning styles and demands of students today. 

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PANCE Pass Rates: Recovering from the Blueprint Change

by Melissa Qazi, MD and Mary Halton, Kaplan Health Sciences Expert | February 3, 2020

The PANCE blueprint underwent several important updates in 2019. Many of the changes were a restructuring of how topics are categorized under each specialty; however, there are additional critical changes that deserve mention.

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PANCE Pass Rates - Are You Experiencing More Failures?

by Melissa Qazi, MD and Mary Halton, Kaplan Health Sciences Expert | September 5, 2019
Kaplan Medical PANCE Pass Rates

Physician Assistant programs may be seeing an increase in failures on the 2019 PANCE as a result of the recent blueprint change and adjustment of the scoring scale.

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