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Educators for Educators Series: The Benefits of Remediation

by Karen Haidemenos, MSN, RN | October 28, 2021

In this Educators for Educators video, nursing educators will learn more about what remediation is, techniques to identify at-risk students, and strategies for helping those students succeed through remediation.

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Nightingale Challenge Meeting: Early Remediation Leads to Student Success

by Karen Haidemenos, MSN, RN | October 28, 2020
Year of the Nurse

The goal of this Nightingale Challenge presentation was to understand why it’s important to not wait until your students and program are in trouble, but rather to implement remediation strategies today.

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Utilizing Virtual Simulation in Undergraduate Nursing Programs

by Karen Haidemenos, MSN, RN | June 22, 2020

Clinical simulation used to be solely known as practicing on a mannequin in a simulation lab. In recent years, clinical simulation has evolved to encompass so much more and has become a vital and innovative addition to undergraduate nursing curricula.

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